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Welcome to Doctor Lawn! We are a family run local independent business delivering high quality, affordable lawn care services. We have over 10 years experience in making lawns look beautiful. Achieving a healthy, lush green lawn means not only mowing and watering, but also regular seasonal treatments. Doctor Lawn will analyse, advise and treat your lawn, visiting 5 times a year to ensure that it is in excellent condition. In addition to our annual treatment programme we can also provide additional services to include scarifying (moss and thatch removal), aeration, lawn cutting and garden maintenance.

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What Doctor Lawn Can Offer You

Seasonal Treatments


Spring (Mar - May)

The first treatment of the season revives your lawn from its Winter dormancy. To get your lawn off to a good start the Spring treatment comprises of an application of fertilizer, designed to improve the colour and density of the grass and encourage rooting and strong growth.
Early Summer

Early Summer (June - July)

Early Summer sees the introduction of our controlled release fertiliser to improve the colour and density of the grass and encourage a strong healthy lawn. Meanwhile your lawn will be treated with a selective herbicide to kill back any existing or emergent weeds.
Late Summer

Late Summer (August - Sept)

As the long Summer days draw out, the dry weather can begin to take a toll on your lawn. This specialised treatment coupled with regular watering in dry spells will relieve lawn distress. Any remaining weeds will be spot sprayed to avoid unnecessary application of weed killer thereby minimising strain on the grass.

Autumn (Oct - Dec)

The penultimate treatment in our annual care programme prepares the lawn ready for winter and helps to reduce moss. This compound also has the added bonus of helping to green up the lawn for verdant appearance right through the Winter months.

Winter (Jan - Feb)

During this time, moss re-growth can be problematic. This Winter tonic primarily focuses on the control of moss, nutrients for root development, disease resistance toughening of the grass and maintenance of a dark, lush colour.

Essential Treatments



Thatch, a layer of dead turf material, can build up if not properly taken care of. Thatch creates perfect conditions for moss to grow, which restricts water, air and nutrients getting to roots. Scarification involves an intense raking of your lawn, removing thatch and therefore moss, resulting in a much healthier lawn.
Hollow Tine


Over time most lawns become compacted, squashing the soil particles together. This reduces the movement of air and water which will impact your lawns ability to grow well. Hollow-tine Aeration relieves soil compaction by taking many small plugs from your law, allowing your lawn to thrive.

Lawn/Garden Protection

Lawn Pest Control

Lawn Pest Control

Many common lawn damaging insects can quickly cause significant problems to your garden, making your lawn extremely difficult to maintain. If your lawn is under attack by such pests, we will assess and apply a suitable treatment which will control and kill them.
Hard Surface Weed Control

Hard Surface Weed Control

During Spring and Summer, common garden weeds can grow between the cracks in drives, patios and pathways. Our Weed Control treatment will effectively tackle weeds and in some cases prevent them from ever returning - making your patios as weed free as your lawn!

Other Garden Services

Garden Tools Maintenance

Garden Maintenance

Who doesn't want a well-groomed, beautiful garden? We offer general garden maintenance services such as hedge trimming, borders and shrubberies, weed and leaf control and basic landscaping to keep your property looking clean and fresh.
Lawn Mower Grass Cutting

Grass Cutting

Freshly cut grass not only looks great, but is vital to the health of your lawn. Regularly mowing eliminates pests and debri, reinforces grass shoots and ensures equal distribution of growth across your lawn. Save time and energy by hiring a professional to do the dirty work for you!

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